Why is a Teaching Needed? Part 2

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It takes time to cultivate the seriousness upon which the intention to look in placed. That's why this has been removed from society in the ancient traditions, why ashrams are created. This is a kind of ashram. The word is not used in my teachings but that's in fact what it is. Its a gurukula: school of looking into this Light.

It's not just enough to feel my transmission - it's good and that's a great sign if you are able to recognize that when I walk in something really starts to fire up and happen in your Being. That's really a necessity.

But, there's a whole process then that goes on. Of relating That to your own state. And living into all the realizations that are brought about though the practice, that practice of Self Recognition, which can take a long time to culminate. We just don't know how long it will take because it's, again, seeing something that is extremely close to you.