Wherever You Are is a Sufficient Beginning

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Wherever you are is a sufficient beginning. You don't need to feel like you achieved a certain level before you become deserving of receiving everything. You don't need to posit anything as being a precondition for your own realization. Not while you're here with me you don't.

Maybe according to someone else's game you have to do that. And it's your choice about who's game you are going to enter to understand the universal game. Whether you want one with hurdles and effort and long practice - something that I myself have done, not hurdles not effort but long sincere practice - or something very quick like this, very fast which still may take time to stabilize.

Have no doubt, you just don't know how long your process is going to be. No one knows that. Not any guru, no one. Because it an organic event, just like this flower happening right from within itself so how can any external thing know about that process.