Usher Into Bliss

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One characteristic of opening into Consciousness, in regards to my own Teaching, is the usherance into Bliss; some form of Blissful-Intoxication. And that can be in the form of Silence, Energy (or Kundalini Shakti), or in terms of Love: very think gooey Love, an intoxicating Love -- Divine Love.

So all of these things can work on you, and inform you that your Consciousness is becoming enlarged, that your body-mind is breaking down into that more Ecstatic Reality. And these experiences, even though they may come and go are, without question, a sign that you are being upheld by a tremendous Spiritual Reality and that this Reality is making Itself known into every fiber of your being.

Recognize that and then flow with your process. Be filled with ease and trust and innocence because: if you have those three things, along with Love, then your process will be very smooth.