Trans-egoic Bliss

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It’s from the view point of deep meditative expansion that you can say, I am everything or everything is consciousness. It’s something that supersedes the ability of the waking state. The mind can never create that experience. But just by slipping into deep meditation over and over again, receiving darshan, which is meditation, over and over again, receiving spiritual transmission, which is energy, silence and devotion, over and over again, you will eventually come upon this state of Being. It grows naturally within you as you open again and again naturally. You drink from that well of bliss and you become immortal bliss. That’s why you must be infinitely patient with regards to the manufacture of this condition. You must be infinitely patient and easy so that you have repeated openings and you continue to allow those openings to occur at their own rate and in their own way, without any dictates coming from the personality or the ego. The purpose of the ego in such a life, is to just bring you into the environment where these dissolutions occur, these meltings into trans-egoic bliss. The ego therefore is not a problem. It becomes that which then serves your process. It serves your journey. It helps create the journey, guide the journey. Of course in a very superficial way, it simply creates the place in time and space where this might occur. The ego therefore becomes a friend to this process. It learns to cooperate with it. It learns to say yes. Even that which is transcendent, the ego sense, when and if it does return, only returns as a friend to this process, not as a foe, not as a blockage. The ego is simply that which functions in time and space. It’s the personality or the mind that, of course, continues to function. But most importantly, it becomes a friend of this process. You no longer have to maintain a suspect attitude toward the relative personality.