Tantra, Kundalini-Shakti, Non-Duality

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Moderator: From Sunnyvale, "This is Radiant, Transcendental, Love-Energy transcending loving any personality. You are Divine Light. I love you David."

David: Ditto. When you say, "I love you," it's also you. It's within your own declaration that that realization has happened.

Moderator: A comment from a viewer in Israel: "When the mind is in rest, the Energy penetrates it immediately."

David: Yes, that rest is very important, because Shakti is like a magnet to that restfulness, to that restful silence. Shakti will emerge out of empty Shiva, quiet Shiva, relaxed Shiva. So what we're looking for is the marriage of Shiva and Shakti; you want to feel how they interpenetrate. You want to feel our own Being making love to Itself, which is the highest form of Tantra. It’s what all Tantra points to: the inner, alchemical transformation whereby the Energy of your own being makes love to itself.

Yes, you can still have an outer lover! I know what some of you are thinking. Yes, you can still have a person. It does not compete with worldly life.

Breathe into this Energy. Breathe into It.

As that Kundalini hits your vital area, It naturally is drawn up the body-mind through the head. When It hits the head, you are issued into Undifferentiated Consciousness. It's a sensual voyage to the Non-Dual, whereby, through Energy, through the intensification of Energy and the stimulation of the entire chakra system in a very easy way, you can feel how the Self is produced out of that Energy.

You'll notice, after you leave my program, perhaps in the past you’ve noticed this, where we've been saturated in this Divine Energy for a long period of time; you step outside and you feel very big, you feel enormous. That's the Non-Dual having given birth through that channel of Kundalini.