The Supreme Lord of the Universe - First Qtr, 2010

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So when people talk about a personal God, they are actually talking about a human body-mind.
This might be hard to follow, but I'll try to explain it.

In an absence of real understanding, real wisdom, real intuition and real Transcendent Awakening, the body-mind invents metaphors with which it invests a huge amount of belief and faith -- and that investment will manifest as the belief in a personal God that's human, very large somewhere, a Big Human, of colossal proportions, that is maintaining and manifesting the objective universe. That's what ignorance dreams in order to account for a world and beings in the world. With the absence of Realization and deep spiritual experience, monotheistic explanations like this occur.

So that God that we think is so big, is just us, in our Enlightened Form. Before we come to be that, we can't help but imagine it, and we imagine it as a Big Human God, somewhere, looking down at us, smiling at us, getting angry at us, taking care of us; all the qualities of what humans do down here. It's very funny, really.

This Big Gigantic God that is imagined in religious literatures is you in your Realized Form. That's what you become: massive, supreme, glancing over relative and Absolute. Smilingly glancing over relative and Absolute, untouched. That's the Supreme Lord of the Universe. That's you -- that's realized you.