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Moderator: From a participant in Seattle, Washington, “There is a powerful expression of love today. My heart is wide open and receiving. I love this time together!”

David: Everyone should be happy now. The nature of the universe is expressing itself, it is radiating itself. That radiation is bliss. It’s ‘sat,’ which is being, it’s ‘chit,’ which is awareness or consciousness, and it’s ‘ananda’— it’s bliss. Those three words are used in the Vedic tradition because they actually literally describe what the universe is made of in every aspect, in every particle — not just somewhere in the transcendental realm but right on the surface. Yet to experience it on the surface you must Self-realize, you must realize who you are. Otherwise you’ll just have small pleasures, small happinesses, tiny enjoyments. If you get to the source of your identity then you go supernova, you explode in the intensity of creation itself and there you become that, you become sat-chit-ananda. Namaste.