Descent Into The Heart

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I always try to remember that if a discourse or monologue is to be really ecstatic, it must be projected from a place of no-message, no-concept, no-theme.

The very urge to speak is eradicated; it's not present. That way, the mind can float in its unboundedness, and the voice of the Heart will be expressed.

The mind is a perfect tool for action — to guide action, to incept action, to complete action. It's a marvelous measuring device, very much like the lens of a camera. It helps you hone in, focus, clarify and then produce a bright and clear image of what you wish to capture.

But the mind can never measure the immeasurable feeling of Being. No matter how much it tries to adjust its focusing lens onto that immeasurable Consciousness, it will always find It foggy, vague, mysterious, elusive, subtle, transcendental.

[One might state:] “That's you, you're the one who’s giving the talk; you must know what you're talking about!”

In a sense, I'm led by my mind, but I don't always follow it. The mind may hint directions, suggest a place in which to explore, and then the Heart just finds the right words; because my message is really not to guide your mind to a particular area but to have you, have your own head descend into your Heart Area.