Realize the Divine Now

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And you know awakening is never universal. Awakening is always individualized. There is this myth that every awakened being will have the same world views, will perform action in the same way, will have the same political views, etc., as though as there is one universal view of reality, once you become enlightened. That’s the farthest thing from the truth. There are many different expressions of the enlightened state and each human being expresses an aspect of it that will never be expressed by another person. Your enlightenment is yours and there’s only one manifestation of it. So that if you lose the opportunity to realize the divine in your nervous system, that opportunity has been squandered. You can’t say, “Well my atman will be reborn in the next birth and I’ll have another shot at it.” That’s irrelevant. Whatever you are now is utterly fragile, it’s utterly important from a universal perspective. And what is important about it is that, if you don’t realize god in this birth, it’s gone. You will never, this instance, will never be able to realize it again. You’ve seen some flowers, have you seen flowers, a bunch of flowers, some just don’t flower. It never becomes a flower. I don’t mean to be dismal but I’m just trying to paint a very real picture of the fact that if you want to realize the divine, have a great passion and find out what makes you tick. Find out what really titillates you to move into the divine, what stimulates you, what arouses you into the divine consciousness. That’s where you, that's the fire that will lead you into that state, the divine fire, the spiritual fire, your hunger for it. If you have no hunger for it, then follow the hunger of something that you do love and the divine will be located in that hunger.


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