Realization is not Earned

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So what does it mean to inhabit the measureless? What is that? It's to become that. How do you become that? Through grace. Through the grace of a living master. Through the grace of a living teacher who has spontaneously and through grace, come upon this himself. Through miraculous, extraordinary, incalculable infinite grace.

Bliss is the echo of that transcendental realization. Bliss is the divine echo when all the machinery has dropped away and one stands listening in that pure isolation, that Kaivalya, which has no other, that Oneness of Eternal Consciousness.

You can never even think you have this. You can't even know it. You can be it completely, everlastingly. But there is no "how" and there is no "why". It's not bestowed by any god, any deity. It's bestowed upon a sincere life for no reason, a life that moves in that current of love and devotion. You can't be deserving. It has no interest in you as far as your earning capability. It has no use for any bargaining about the nature of it.


So Profound, so True, so Beautiful...Namaste

By Amina

Such a beautifully expressed teaching, the sense of embodiment is palpable. thank you David.

By Ivan