Radiating The Absolute

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How do you become [free] from this compulsion to think you know and to think you're right? How do you become free of that? Especially in the field of Enlightenment, where knowing is exaggerated to the point of Cosmic Awareness? How do you get over all of that? All of the things you experience and know so that they don't attach to your "me" and exalt it.

The only way to move through that is to fulfill The Process -- fulfill The Process of Awakening, so that you actually go to the end of it. You actually go there. You know that saying, "Gone there, done that?" You go There. You know That inside and out. You know Consciousness is the only real subject and object of knowledge. And once you know That, there’s no way out of It; once you really, really know It.

That's just the first stage of Awakening. It's also the last. But there are other things, then, that can be invited into that Process. Once you know yourself, you're free from knowledge, from the binding effects of it. Your mind, so to speak, has expanded into Consciousness and resides there permanently. Once all of that has occurred, there are some amazing developments that can take place. Those developments have to do with the degree to which the Light shines through into the relative plane of existence; the degree to which Being begins to vibrate through individuality into the world.