The Primal Consciousness of Being

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David:It's all I'm talking about is myself, hopefully yourself. Hopefully, you don't see me as any kind of an authority with power. Power in what I say or power in what I claim. Hopefully, you don't go there. I stay out of that arena. It's aversive to me to think of That as being related to some form of power or domination. I can't imagine it. In fact, we become powerless here. We move into a sphere where there is no other. That's a state of Absolute Weakness. People don't like words like this because they're generated from an area where there is no sense of separation and therefore no ability to control. So, people get frightened when they can't control. So, if I'm saying you become Absolutely Weak, they may think I'm talking about some devastatingly negative condition. I am not. I'm talking about something that upholds the innocence of your Being, which has no power over anything else, no power over anyone else. Does that make sense?

I get intoxicated when I speak this way because I'm talking about an essential nature of Being itself. I'm talking about Consciousness itself. I'm not talking about an object. It's the most beautiful thing you could ever do, is to come into this feeling where your mind has been severed from its tendency to exteriorize, it’s tendency to create a sense of other or otherness, and to actually feel its own inner workings, and beyond those workings or underneath those workings, to the primal consciousness of Being itself.