Open Into Love

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You keep your heart open in love. Don't go away from love. Don't figure this out with your head. Just open your heart in it. It’s so much easier. I know people who just want to go through the mind all the time. Oh god. It’s like applying sand paper to a rock to get it smooth. It’s just so hard. So just fall down into your feeling being and grasp it there.

I hope you think of this as your family, not as just a group of people. I hope you have that kind of feeling when you come in here, a love feeling. Not just a mechanical two legs walking in. Sitting down in an iron chair, going to listen to some discourse. That never works. You'll become more miserable with all your spiritual practices if you keep doing that. The more of them you do, the more unhappy you become.

So I hope you come in feeling like, “Oh, what a togetherness. What a feeling. David's there. And all his friends are there. And I'm his friend. And we're friends to that One Infinite Being that has no beginning and no end.” We all want to be become a friend to That. If you have this heart based love approach, it magnetizes that reality.

You were talking about affirmations, if you actually live in this little attitude I'm describing, not through self effort, but just through carving your way into it as I speak. You'll begin to feel this beautiful sense coming over you. You won't be able to map out how it occurs. You won't be able to follow the process with your mind. Just like when you go to the beach, you stand out, you look at the ocean and you're in such release there. You never know how it happens. You left the city. You go stand on the ocean and all of a sudden, just looking at that vastness. Feeling the energy of the ocean you're taken out. You're just taken away.

That's the kind of feeling that's here. And that's the same basic approach that has to happen. You don't go to the beach looking for the essence of beach. Do you? "I've got to find the essence of beach so I can have that beauty." You start analyzing the sand. "Or maybe if I look at the line between the horizon and the water and the sky. Maybe if I look just the right way, I'll get it." My god, there's a mental institution waiting for you if that's the kind of approach you're going to take.

So I really mean this. This is totally heart-felt what I'm saying, if you just drop down into your belly and into your heart. And then you have a big mouth there with big eyes that can take in the whole universe. You'll be gobbled up by the beauty, the ecstasy of the beach. You'll be gobbled up here. And then you won't have any individual life left to speak of. You'll always be living in that fullness.

It may sound like a far off dream for some of you. But it's really not. You just need to be immersed. You need to taste it. And one taste goes a long way.