Monkey-Devotion & Lion-Devotion

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There are two kinds of devotion. One is like a monkey, monkey-devotion, where the little baby grabs the waist of the mother and holds on. And that monkey, that mama, will jump from tree to tree. Once in a while, though, there could be a slip and the little monkey just doesn't have the muscles to hold on and it will slip down and fall.

Then there is another type of devotion that you see operating in the lion, the female who has cubs. It will take the cub right in it's mouth and carry it. That's the second kind of devotion. Very different than monkey-devotion. So when you're in those jaws with those big teeth protecting you, that can crush you at any moment. But that's Mother. Shes not going to hurt you. You just are swallowed inside that devotional process and that itself, leads you along the way.

That's what I mean by being very deeply involved, informed by and immersed in your own process. It will just continue carrying you. But that takes quite a bit of momentum. Even a lot of movement from your side to accomplish this.