Massive Recognition

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Its just easy to offer who you are in the moment. It's very easy to begin that way, no matter what is offered. No matter what the offering is it can be made beautiful because you are consciously cooperating with who you are and no matter what that beginning place is; it could even be a discussion of ignorance and obfuscation, conflict, pain, attachment. It doesn't matter.

But that you come forward from within that and begin a loving movement of reaching out, right? Or just offering, or just self-revealing. That is enough to begin to stimulate these higher capacities of the spiritual process to teach you; to give you what you need, to really blow you away in massive recognition, not just some small thing. Just get bigger. Let it get bigger and bigger.

I'm so high with you now. I'm so happy. I'm really glad to be here with you. You make it all worth while. Because of you. Because of how you approach. Because I know you really care about this. I'm feeling that tremendously.


I'm really high with you too David. You are so sweet, so wonderful, to want to share this with me.

By Vivian Andrews --