Love Is Beautiful

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David: When I hear the devotional comments, my Devotional Realization kicks in - forget about Shakti, forget about Non-Duality. You can attain the Divine just though Love. Read chapter twelve in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna telling Arjuna, "Do you want to know what the highest practice is? Just love Me. Just think of Me." So we haven't even talked about that this evening. All we talked about was Shakti and Vedantic teachings.

What about love? Yummy.

Love is beautiful.

Participant: Love is the only thing that satisfies.

David: That's right. She's quoting me back to me.

Energy won't satisfy. You just get manic, right? Silence doesn't satisfy. It just nullifies your personal consciousness.

Love really satisfies - it's the thing that really makes you happy.