Liberation is Now

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Liberation is something you can't describe with words.

It's happening now!

You can feel the force of It, It's Instructive Quality, It's Transmission-Power.

And if you’re aware of what I'm talking about, you'll see that there’s a corresponding impact on Awareness Itself -- that something happens to the Quality of your Awareness.

That is awake now. That is beginning to cast It's fragrance out in all directions. You don't need to look for It.

Do not conceive of me as separate. Think of yourself as sitting in My Awareness. That you are contained within Me, within all that I speak about. That's a devotional standpoint, but it can be very effective, to erase this sensation that you exist alone and separate -- especially now, that this Activation is really occurring.

You see, it's just a question of getting the right angle to Me, which is the same as to your Self. I'm just a hologram of your own Higher Self talking back to you. So it's a question of just getting the Proper Viewpoint and you just adjust -- with your heart, with your feeling, with your mind, your listening -- until you come into focus with Me.

Like the focusing of a lens of a camera, you just keep focusing, until it becomes clear. Sometimes it's blurry, so you have to do an adjustment. Sometimes you have to change the settings; you have to change the aperture. So, in the same way, look within and just do what you need to do.

You have the Organic Intelligence to figure this all out.

Have total confidence in your Self in this moment.

I have full confidence in you.