The Kundalini-Shakti Current

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David: Now the current is very active. There is no need to talk about the Absolute anymore. Now the serpent power of the Kundalini has become active. Do you feel the Kundalini-shakti now? Good. So you are experiencing the transmission of the Absolute as energy, as energy. It’s just a different form of the Absolute.

When we use discrimination to talk about silence and illuminating the mind through the use of knowledge, it’s like riding in an elevator. It’s like using a very direct means to go straight up, just straight up.

But when we introduce the current, when the current introduces itself as Kundalini-shakti transmission then it’s like an escalator. It offers a gradual lifting up of the entire energetic structure. It enters into the human structure and energizes it and slowly raises the vibration. So it’s more of a horizontal vertical ascent. That’s its value. So you don’t need knowledge at that point for that particular angle of the Absolute’s communication of itself.