You Can Only Affirm What You Are

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David: Yes, please.

Participant: It’s about positive affirmation. What's the limit to how powerful positive affirmation is?

David: It’s as unlimited as your consciousness is. If you consciousness is small then what you affirm will be small. If you yourself are big and vast, then you usually are what you wish to affirm at that point.

Participant: When do you…. to really believe it, to say something and truly believe it.

David: You've got to be it. Otherwise until you are it, you're just trying to convince yourself of what you really don't believe yet. You've not yet understood it or believed it. So you try to believe it in the hope that taking that step will bring it closer. But you've got to start off more primally subjective than that. Because, by the time you're in an affirmation, you've already separated yourself out from yourself to such a degree, that the mind is weak at that point. It’s struggling. It’s trying to create something. So, you first have to merge your attention back into that place that you know is the infinite. You know intellectually anyway, that that is the infinite, that you are the infinite consciousness, the infinite Being of reality. So I want to give you that taste and then we'll see what happens to your affirmations.