"I am That" is a Lie

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Ok, so now we are in a different phase of the teaching. I hope you're with me. We've passed over the place where lions and tigers could eat us. They're gone. We're home free now. Rattlesnakes and cobras, they're history now. Now we're in the open, now nothing can touch us. Now everything I said previously, it's defunct. It’s deleted. Just hit the delete button - gone.

Now it's ok to say it. That is. That alone is; no viewer of it, no one seeing it. If you think there is a seer you have to persist with that illusion until it disappears. You may say, "Oh yeah, I can feel it". No not yet. Let that die too, so that there’s just That. Even "I am That" is an obfuscation. That is That. That's it. I mean what is this I that is That? You know that's a lie. "I am That," but what about everything else? Who cares about you? Who cares what you're seeing? So, That is That, cuts though everything forever. It's just That.