High Fulfillment In Being

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Moderator: “Thanks, David. These energies I feel largely in the arms, legs and head, with limited sensations within the trunk of the body. Should I be applying attention or intention to these areas or should I just let everything be?”

David: Let everything be. These energies revitalize the body and make it suitable for realization. In that sense they produce realization. So, we don’t want to come in and adopt a perspective of separation from that experience. We don’t want to treat the shakti as an "it". These are the most native and natural energies for which the body will gain a new level of bliss, equilibrium, alertness, all those aspects, those satvic qualities which promote the highest state of consciousness which is that singular dimension that we call the Self or pure Being; a being, which allows for the functioning of the body within it, not merely a trans bodily being. Realization is an abstract level of high fulfillment in Being. Realization, therefore, is not produced by anything outside of itself and in some sense stands alone as a self-existing reality, self-existing, absorbed in its own nature. Realization appears when the proper time comes, but we are not dealing with an instrumentalist view of realization, one in which it is produced or that it produces. It is reality itself. Realization is reality. Reality is best described as the Vedic tradition describes it, sat-chit-ananda: Being, Consciousness, Bliss or Being, Knowledge, Bliss. Namaste.