Helper to Every Being

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This becomes you! This becomes you as It implants Itself in you. So at some point we even transcend the relationship of spiritual transmission, of the Transmitter to that which receives the Transmission – and what dissolves is the relationship. What survives is the Oneness.

Every form of Spiritual Instruction is available here, whether you are traveling the path of Kundalini or the path of Devotion or the path of realizing the Self, through meditation or Self-inquiry – all of these avenues crisscross in my teaching.

I do not represent one exclusive approach to realizing the Divine. I'm a helper to every being, everyone, anyone, who wants to realize the Divine. And every path is suited to an individual temperament and to a history of previous practices. So the practices and the stance that you take in this moment are reflective simply of where you've been previously.

The point is to fulfill it, not to understand what you came from or why you practice the way you do today, but just take it to the end. Let's go completely to the end of your spiritual process and do that as many times as we need to, to reestablish you back in the Current of Bliss, the Current of Eternal Consciousness.