The Heart of My Teaching: Come into the Sun of the Self

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What is the purpose of a teacher? What is the purpose of an awakened teacher? The teacher is simply magnifying what is already occurring in your life. The teacher does not add any outer element into your existence that isn't already latently present. He or she cannot create something within you. Again, this is that innocence that does not allow for the functioning of duality. What the teacher does is like what the sun does to plants. It comes out and in the presence of that warmth and light, the plant goes into foliation. It goes into growth, spontaneous growth, that is not pre-programmed by the sun. The sun just shines. The plant absorbs this cosmic energy and it begins to move in its own pre-destined direction. So, there's such a great influx of energy and consciousness when we sit together. It's going to activate something in you spontaneously, just the way the sun will a plant or a flower or a living thing. All living things need the sun. So, we're coming into the sun of the Self, the sun of pure consciousness. The sun of life, the sun of Being.