Healing the Wound of Separation

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Is everybody comfortable? Pretty comfortable, bodily relaxed? No distraction, no strong thoughts, just nice clear relaxation? Your mind is not gripping you anymore. Where's your mind? Where's that knot that haunts you all day? That thing that keeps on telling you you're you? Where is that?

It's like putting ice on a fever; the transmission of Bliss here is like putting ice on the fever of your individuality, on the laceration of your separation. It's disinfecting that wound. Notice how incredible this balm of healing is on this thing we call the separatized self, the separate mental self. How there’s just Samadhi here, just Samadhi.

Everybody's ok? Everybody's fine? I know I disturb your meditation when I ask you that. Very good. Where are you? You're going away on us. Very good. That's what I'm talking about. You see how that will dissolve your entire sense of solidity; it will just drink you up. It will be just pure Being.