The Guru is the Self

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The Guru just wants to have a relationship with you in Consciousness. The real, true Guru, the real Master wants to have an unrestricted and infinite relationship with you in the Self -- and that's where He makes Himself available. That's where He should be most fully present in your experience. The Guru truly isn't even relevant until you begin to awaken within your Self: that's where you find Him.

You never have a relationship with an outer guru: it's not really that kind of process. You can only have a master/slave relationship with someone who is "other". You can only have a Guru who is an authority figure that would breed that kind of relationship, stressing the outer form of the relationship. But to me the real Guru is Consciousness Itself. It's the Absolute.

And that's where my great desire is, to meet you There, to share that Understanding and to taste that Reality with you. Even though we both might disappear in the process, we most certainly will, and only That will remain, we still enjoy this love for one another en-route.