Full Unity in the Self

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Participant: Even though the personality persists, would you say that there's a space of recognition between Essence and personality? So you can just see it, you know, and it keeps popping up at you, the more familiar you get with its automaticity through spending time [in the] Space that's prior to it?

David: The deeper you go the more subtler it becomes; and then the deepest place, it transcends subtlety which means there is no distinction either. Then it's just continuous. It's ongoing along with everything else you are.

Participant: But you feel difference between the two? Or do you just... you’re not a...

David: You should get such heights of Unity that it’s like, uh, pouring pure honey on the tongue; you can never taste anything quite that sweet again. So in the huge impact of Full Unity in the Self, it should produce such a blowout of any kind of pleasure that nothing could ever touch you again.

But that's different then saying that you continue to notice a distinction. That's part of lower levels of sadhana. It's a lower level of Realization. There are many levels of Realization. Just like there are many phases of the moon. You still get moonlight out of each stage but when it's really full then you get the full impact. I'm not sure I answered your question.

Participant: But how are you experiencing the personality?

David: There's no…as my personality -- nothing different.

Participant: But the personality isn't always….

David: Before, the personality existed as an apparently separate domain. Once it becomes permeated by Consciousness, then it has the knowledge that it is only That, that it can be only That. But that’s a final, radical declaration -- it’s not some degree of Realization.

You see… it’s very hard to formulate a question that doesn't assume degrees of Realization. When you are talking about Full Realization, you are not talking about degrees any longer. It’s very hard to describe, which is why we're warned by the sages, "You can’t go near this with language."

It won’t become obvious to you what they mean, until you’re in that State, and someone like you asks a question. Then it becomes very clear that you'd like to say more, but it's so close that you miss it.