Floating and Dissolving in Consciousness - Denmark

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David: Yes.

Participant: It’s awesome to dive into another depth…, and a lot of Current.

David: And a lot of Current, very good.

Participant: Yes, definitely a lot of “awake-ness”.

David: Wakefulness?

Participant: Wakefulness. I kind of lose my breath on this…. While I’ve been listening, I also notice, when I tune into the space, delicate….

David: Beautiful.

Participant: And I see that, also, to some extent, it’s allowed to some extent in my body and my face some…, it’s like…. There’s an intuition….

David: You’re doing well, you’re doing well, go ahead.

Participant: It’s between respect and carefulness….

David: Yes….

Participant: …, about this incredible delicacy that is so fine and so….

David: Tender.

Participant: Tender.

David: So much love.

Participant: And I also want to share that sense of “tremble-ness” around my heart.

David: Like falling in love.

Participant: I resonate with that, and then my mind cannot compare it to anything that I know.

David: Wonderful, I think that’s in all the scriptures actually. I think all the scriptures state that.

Participant: Okay. But I have a question around it.

David: Absolutely.

Participant: Because when I say “tremble,” I think I remember having, maybe a few times, the sense that I can…, oh wait, I’m kind of slipping in and out….

David: Your attention’s slipping in and out?

Participant: My attention is slipping in and out as I speak.

David: Even now. So, you can’t even stay in the waking state now?

Participant: Yeah, that’s happening, so I’m just slowing down now.

David: Observe all of this in the sense of be with it, just be with it all.

Participant: Yeah.

David: And also, note your present state. That we don’t have to talk about being in meditation twenty minutes ago, but something is carrying forth which is making your mind porous.

Participant: Yeah.

David: Like a window that’s open, not closed and shut like in the literal waking state.

Participant: Yeah, more effortless now.

David: We’re heading there. That’s what this is about, that effortless, gracefulness, easefulness, floating and dissolving in Consciousness, without effort. The mind can present no barrier to that because the mind acquires all of its energy from That.

Participant: [laughs] I’m laughing because I understand you and I don’t at the same time.

David: Of course. Go ahead, talk to me, keep talking.

Participant: There is a sense around my heart. So, I was saying that I remember knowing this sense of “tremble-ness” and then as being judged by silence. At the same time, I notice an irrational fear.

David: A fear?

Participant: Yeah.

David: Can you just be with it?

Participant: Yeah, right now I can.

David: It means we’re going into fresh territory and your mind can’t track it. It doesn’t know how to control what’s about to happen.

Participant: It’s like knowing that beyond silence there is….

David: Relax.

Participant: It keeps coming to my mind, a memory, so I’m going to share it, that I have experienced a sound of a waterfall, immense. It’s vaguely there.

David: Just don’t touch it. Don’t reach out and touch anything, just let everything be. Let it all reveal itself to you, don’t go after it.

Participant: [laughs] Yeah.

David: Then you’re like the fish with the fish-hook, you’ll get caught somewhere. So, if you just accept it all as grace operating spontaneously, without cause, without you doing anything either way, then that is the reception of it. There’s no receiver.