To Feel Right is to be Angry

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We no longer have any need, any fixation for an external deity, an external god. We realize that these are just props created by the mind to once again hold itself into a field of subservience and domination. We have no interest in any of that. We don't want to be right. It's too vulnerable in this condition to even crave the feeling, I am right. What can you be right about? Who could possibly be right? To feel right is to be angry. You can only be right, when you're filled with anger. So, we're just mapping our way through this terrain of consciousness. Right now, we're moving through it. We don't care quite where we end up.


"Rightness" is so rigid. Melted in Love, there is no place for it at all! Thank you for this validation. In our world, this is a radical point of view, almost never said, and even more so, almost never modeled. Heartfelt gratitude to my Ishta Gurudev!

By Vivian Andrews --