The Feeling of Being

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It’s bliss. Once you become deeply vulnerable to this feeling of Being, you can begin to awaken into it immediately. Even if you are a spiritual novice and even if you don’t have any sadhana behind you. That is even if you haven’t really done spiritual practices. There’s such a quickening of intoxicated love energy that manifests here, that you could come right into it. Attentiveness, with love in your heart, is the best way to approach it. I don’t want to use the word concentration. Concentration to me, is a shrinking down of attention. I’d rather use the word, full of attentive caringness, use that phrase. Full of attentive concern. If you have that, and you’re really listening and you really care to listen, you’ll spontaneously be ushered out of your subjectivity, that is your relative subjectively, your subjectivity which is composed of thought, feeling, sensation. It’s not that we deny those things but we fulfill them. They begin to attach themselves to that radiance which is beyond all of them and they begin to dissolve their personal identity, their personal function and they go beyond functionality into this feeling of wholeness, of love.