Exploring Consciousness

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And so each person has a great journey to travel. A journey which will not be replicated in anyone else. So when you become enlightened, it's not he Buddha becoming enlightened again, it's not Krishna remembering his divinity again, it's a whole new expression of that reality. You'll see, you'll have to go beyond all conditioning, even the conditioning of spiritual traditions. Even the conditioning of your best friend who's awakened. You can't hold on to anything, you, with certainty. You can but it's illusory.

When you fall in love and you love someone you never think, "When am I going to get to the highest pinnacle of love?", love is present at the very beginning, that's what brings you together. So in the same way, sahadna or spiritual practices are a form of love making. You're making love to your Self. And when you make love to your Self you don't think, "When is it going to culminate?" You don't care. You're enjoying it. You're enraptured by what you're doing. You're enraptured by every moment that you're given. This goal seeking mind that wants to attain and hold to even states of consciousness has to dissipate. It will be dissolved by the very spiritual practices that you perform, if you perform them in love and innocence. If you have a childlike simplicity in your life, a child like attitude, which is full of spontaneous innocence, then you'll go a long way without even knowing you've gone anywhere.


I Love you David!!!!