Existential Innocence

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You know, you can't think your way into the Divine. You can't get there through strategy. Strategy is inherently dishonest. You can't make a deal with the Divine to become it. The whole idea is: all deals are off. All deals are off and what you approach it with is that remarkable sense of innocence that knows nothing. Do you follow?

Human beings have invented these strategies of redemption; that you need to be redeemed. Only something dead or dying needs to be redeemed. That whole game of redemption, salvation, being saved, is created by a paranoiacally driven intellect, by a being that has been gripped by imaginative fears. It's one thing to merge into God because you adore God. It's a whole other thing to think you can merge into God, or be saved by God, because you either deserve it or because you need to be rescued from your guilt and sin. Those are completely different movements.

A human being who adopts the philosophy that he needs to be saved really does need to be saved. But what he needs to be saved from is the whole framework that he is absorbed [in] to make him think those kinds of thoughts. That life, that has absorbed those fictional ideas, needs to be deconstructed in honesty, into a state of existential innocence, from which all real spiritual progress begins. Existential innocence is the starting point for all real spiritual progress.


Hello David

What a inspiring text which really resonated in what I am contemplating at the moment, and I hope you can help me in my quest to reach existential innocence by commenting on the following.

I would like to know whether we share this assumption: Engaging in a strategy of redemption is possible for man because he does not have an existential understanding of himself, but is stuck in an intellectual understanding which enable man to understand himself as someone who needs redemption, or simple as one how might not be good enough as he is, as one how can be the subject of shame. In the same way, the capability of grasping my existential innocence, being capable of accepting myself as I am in all aspects of life, refers back to the ability to realize my true existential nature. That is, if I understood my true existential being, I would not be able to take on a strategy of redemption because I would understand that I was existentially innocent.

I we are on the same page about the above then here is my problem: My experience is, that these strategies of redemption are subtle and, for me at least, hard to transcend. Though I have come some way, my thoughts at actions still sometime reveal that my understanding of existential innocence is still lacking in some respects. On the basis of my previous assumption, this is because I do not yet fully understand my true existential nature.

In order to overcome this problem a new existential insight or understanding of what I/man is must be revealed to me. I will have to develop further the understanding of what I am, one that is more existentially and phenomenological sound than I am presently capable of. In other words, I am in need of help to be saved from the framework that I am still absorbed in. So how can I learn more about your thoughts on how to deconstruct in honesty?


By flintestenen