Everything is That

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You can feel how beautiful it is now in here. It’s such a beautiful, exquisite feeling. It’s absolutely astounding. It’s like a sweet thing, so sweet you can’t even taste it. But I don’t say that that’s in me. I won’t even say “I am that”. I would say, “Everything is That”. The room is that. I’m not tempted to say “I am that” or that “I’ve realized that.” Realization to me becomes a cheap word at this point. I don’t know, I say it’s just the heart, the heart of everything. Not here, not there, not even realized, not even understood. So I don’t have a problem with it when it so calls “disappears.” I let my static bhavas come over me. I share them lovingly with my friends. I love to touch people in this way, bring them in, and hold them. Share this delicious wonderful understanding, experience, exhilaration, whatever this is. And just enjoy it for the sake of enjoyment, knowing that we don’t ultimately even know what that is.