The Essence of the Real - Part 6 May 7, 2002

Participant 1: Sometimes they say that an Awakened Being or a Teacher has a particular mission to do as distinct to just awakening people; more articulated more precise. Are you aware of any particular purpose that this incarnation is about?

David: It’s about Her. It’s about Her -- the Goddess the Divine Mother, the Shakti. As you know, awakening can be profoundly empty, quality-less, immersed in Nothingness, functioning as Emptiness. Or there can be these more flashy, exuberant manifestations of that Nothingness condition. So some Teachings will be like the midnight sky with no stars, and then others will be full of stars. There will be a great sense of uniqueness and as you put it distinctness and even precision about the nature of such Teachings, such Revelations. In one sense, we can’t know anything about such an Event of such great magnitude, when a Teaching is revealed in its Transcendental and worldly fullness. On the other hand, we can discuss casually, and with intuition, with keen intuition, to try to discern a little bit about what the nature of a specific Teaching is about.

Participant 1: But this type of awakening is always in a sense a bit of a paradox, because there may be that Divine Mother Transpersonal Awakening and it’s also in this human body with a particular history and abilities -- so in that sense, because it’s in that body, would that bring a certain uniqueness to it?

David: [Laughs a lot.] Yes. [David laughs for a long time]

Participant 1: It’s hard to just hug this Transpersonal Divine Mother; it’s always a person right here.

David: It’s said the Guru, the Master is more precious than God, because of this very perception that you just shared, which is, that the teacher is located in time and space and also projects Consciousness in totally different way than does the Impersonal Itself. The Impersonal is immersed in a kind of cosmic indifference, which doesn’t accept the praise or the blame of anyone; the sin or the virtue of anyone. Whereas, in a human form, a Teacher can accept both the elevated and the not so elevated qualities that are brought to him. So he becomes a localized manifestation of That which in unfathomable, which is difficult for the intellect to comprehend. It’s mind boggling. Did you want to ask something?

Participant 3: Well I just wanted to say that what my mind comprehends from you, that sort of precision for me, is that I can be myself.

David: That you can be yourself here? That kind of relaxation is the real context of any kind of real spiritual relationship, is it not, that you’re welcome as you are? It’s generally not the case, but as someone just said so eloquently, it should be.

Participant 2: Because there’s a human body here, I can be a friend with “the David part,” that’s here, which it wouldn’t be if it were just…my Mother Consciousness…

David: [laughs] Were you telling a lot of jokes at supper tonight? I feel all this residual funniness in you. You can be asking these very serious questions, but it just seems that the laughter that is created.

Participant 2: We were joking a lot at dinner.

David: …Which you always do, for the most part….Go ahead…. Do you want to say something too?