Entering Knowingness

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For some yearning is like a river that carries them into the Divine State. For other people, it’s penetrating that yearning into stillness and that itself becomes the door, the path and the door. So, whichever your path is you need to just trust it, don’t second guess. You can tell just through your own sense of being whether you’re being led down the right road. You’ll start to get signs. You’ll start to know. Your own knowing will speak to you about its own knowingness. Just like a bud that becomes a flower you just start to open with no effort.

Does anyone have any preliminary concerns or questions that you want me to know about before we begin? Or is everyone pretty much seated in a good place? Good.

Never compare yourself with anybody else. Comparison will breed resentment. Comparison will breed resentment. There’s no doubt about it. Something has to come out on top. The other thing has to be lowered. There’s just no way around it. You can’t compare two things and end up with equivalency. Comparison is of the very nature of duality. So, it’s okay when you go into the drugstore and you need to buy a toothbrush to compare the two toothbrushes because you’re dealing with objects and you’re dealing with the measuring part of the brain. But, when it comes to your own inner realization it’s about losing track of measurement. That’s when you begin to taste what there is to be tasted when that stops measuring. When increments start to disappear thought itself begins to release and then there’s a spontaneous recognition.

A question that may come up is, “Can you continue to measure and use the measurement-based mind in that state of innocent freedom where there is no measurement, no division?” The answer is “Yes.” You can still remember your name. You can still remember your address. You’ll still remember you have a body. When you wake up in the morning you know you’ve got to shower. You remember all those things but your consciousness remains in that other area unlocalized, innocent, free, absolute, without comparison.

And you might ask, “Then what is love? Is love an emotion?” The only kind of emotion you can have that’s mind based is attachment, superficial feeling, but that Consciousness that is beyond measurement is also love. So you should not fall into the trap of thinking that it’s merely empty, merely nothing since relationship and the possibility for relationship is embedded within that Emptiness. Otherwise, we’d have a whole creation of disparate objects all functioning in their own emptiness, nothing with relational capability. So, you have a universe that’s totally relational and totally empty, free at the same time, and both are submerged in that One Consciousness.