Enlightenment is Now

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Moderator: A viewer in Bangkok has a couple of questions. “The more we find this place, the more unfolding, the faster we evolve into the one.”

David: I’m hesitant to say faster. Faster is an idea projected by the relative mind that is feeling a bit impatient with things. I would rather say to simply enjoy each moment of your evolutionary process. Each moment affords you awakening. It’s deceptive to assume that one can accumulate repeated exposures to Being and then somehow magnify or quicken the process. That’s really the language of a time bound, space bound mind. The language of liberation is that it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I’m too busy soaking in Being to care when this ever culminates. Your enlightenment is now, it’s never in the future.

Moderator: The viewer comments, “Thank you, great.”