An Enlightened Group

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A group of enlightened beings is very precious, a gathering of human beings who are awakened. The reason is that, solitarily one enlightened person will just exist in that ocean of quietness. But when you put a group together, it starts to stir in a kind of ecstasy. You start to really feel the movement of the Absolute. It starts to shake, throb, vibrate. And then through felt relationship, you as if feed each other, right through your body-minds that supreme consciousness. And it’s in this sense that we can then being talking about devotion.

Not until we have self-realized humans, then we can begin the discussion on devotion. Until then it's a moot discussion, it has no meaning. You've got to understand what Reality is before you can have true devotion. Otherwise you're just practicing devotional practices, which is different than living in a devotionally inebriated condition, if you don't mind me using the word "inebriation" in this context.