Dying into That

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David: You may go through many amazing experiences in the meantime. You may go through repeated openings of a most magnificent kind - you know, the things you read about in the lives of saints and sages; oneness opening up and timelessness, nothingness, divine nothingness, divine light, swallowed by emptiness. All of that will typically go on, inside of this long period of opening up.

So it’s not as if it’s a bland process, you’re going to get many instances of confirmation. You will know you’re on the path, that you’re doing well, and you’re dying, and you’re dying, as you should. You’re dying into That. So you start loving death too, along the way. You start making death your friend; opening up into death and dying consciously, daily. You lose everything on a daily basis.

So there will come a point when you cannot even tell anybody what you’re going through. You’ll become so deeply involved with that which is beyond limitation. You just won’t have a vocabulary. You’ll have an internal vocabulary that you set up that will make perfect sense to you and will see you through. It’ll see you through to the light and you’ll gain faith and persistence, resilience, devotion and all of that will continue to favor you. It will favor your process. You’ll be winning grace as you go. You’ll be like a snowball accumulating on a slope; it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. You gain more momentum, more expansion and then you’re beginning to feel really good. You’re beginning to feel like yeah, yeah, “I’m as liberated now as I once was ignorant.” You’ll know. “I remember when I was completely bound and that was the only thing. Well now, as the days go on, this is becoming so easy, so real for me that this is what it’s about now. It’s not about ignorance. I can’t define myself that way,” and there is your release, just presented right before you.