Doorway to the Absolute

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This is all about non-knowing. Its very simple -- once you begin to grasp that your freedom is just beyond the edge of your mind, you learn to live there. You learn how to do it "organismically." You don't need to be taught through techniques, necessarily.

Your own Attention is sacred. It is a Sacred Doorway into the Absolute, into the Total Reality -- so recognize It as such.

There is no Higher God no Higher Being than you, anywhere.

So be resolute, at least in that understanding. At least begin there. Don't begin with doubt and lack of self- confidence. If I say you're God, believe it. That's what I'm here for: not to be an authority over you or to lord over you, but to share my resolute proclamation that "That is So." And if you can just listen in your innocence and your natural awareness which is already empty and free (of content), you will begin to take on this magnetic pulse of resolution.