Don't Get Stuck in the Void

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Moderator: If one realizes himself as the Void, he is untouched, so why would he be afraid of the Void?

David: It's not he who is untouched, it's That which is untouched. It's not that the personality or the ego structure identifies with the Absolute and says, "I am never touched". It's that That never comes into contact with anything. You see the distinction?

So you can't gather this attitude of safety around it where you are protected from the world. You can, but that's going to lead to that renunciation style of living that I was describing.

You have to let go of the idea that you have to go around being convinced that you never existed, that you never were born. That only applies to one specific taste of enlightenment. The other is that you are eternally existing and that you are constantly flowering as the world in relationship to everything else. That too is eternal.

So I always tell people, "Don't get stuck in the Void". The Void is great, I'm not arguing against it but when I hear this anti-relativity talk, it doesn't feel right. It doesn't sound right, it doesn't sound wholesome to me. It sounds like there is some distortion going on and I think it's the male ego based teachings that are located at the source of those assertions that's really trying to promote it's own agenda in the world as a philosophy. It's one thing to have a transcendent experience, it's another thing to then draw philosophy saying that, "Oh may I never be touched by any thing again because I was never born." One is going to lead, that later statement is going to lead to a very peculiar person in the world. Someone you just can't stand.

Participant: Maybe that its - the formulation around the experience of the Void - happens because its so beautiful.

David: What you just said stated very nicely was that the nectarous quality of that Nothingness will keep on luring you back into It. And who are we to resist? You should take it. You should take It as far as It wants to take you. Just dissolve totally and forever just like those scriptures described. But there is going to come a point when you climax in That, when you really know who you are and it never comes and goes. Now what do you do? Are you going to go around talking about how that feels and trying to generalize it into a world philosophy? And trying to tell everyone, "Don't touch anything. Don't relate." - right "Don't get involved."? Or are you going to then look for the Shakti within that to find out how that Absolute turns into manifesting power? How it turns into the creative force?

Because ultimately, that if we are really true "Advaita Vedantists", we are not interested in a division between the world of form and formless being. We are trying to bridge that. Now you need energy to bridge that. There are two ways to bridge it; You attack the world and you kill it and say, "It never existed." or you come in to the energetic appreciation of how things arise and how do you that? By feeling and tasting and knowing your own Shakti and that It is coming out of of That. That's what is animating all your actions. And so you can start to get a feel for how the Absolute is living you as Energy. It's possessing you as Energy. You never were independent on that level either.

So most spiritualists want to claim independence, absolute independence in to the Void - right? "I was never touched". But you're also...what's beating your heart? What's breathing your breath? That's the Shakti. Shakti is all kinds of Shakties have taken hold and are just basically playing that body-mind like a musical instrument for their own enjoyment and satisfaction.

Just like when a bird sings. You know how great it is when you get up in the morning and you hear birds sing? Why is it so beautiful? Why is that song so unpolluted? Its because the bird is totally possessed by something that has nothing to do with human mind. Its mere energy that's singing without any mind in it. So that's how a human life can become in that energetic condition also.


This speaks to everything in me. Yes! I want to sing this like a bird song in the morning, no, I want to shout this from the mountaintops at the top of my voice! I love this manifestation miracle of all life! All this relationship is the Love!

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