Don't Doubt Your Experience

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Moderator: A viewer in Iceland comments, "Yesterday, during meditation, my attention floated to you and at that moment I experienced a brilliant ball of White Light at my eyebrow."

David: These are valid yogic experiences, meditation-generated connections that we share in Consciousness. And when you have an experience like this, have faith in what is revealed to you because this is the way in which Reality is now communicating. Don't doubt such an experience, especially if it was direct and pure like that.

Remember, it's not about making me look good as a Teacher. It's about verifying what's happening in your Consciousness. By placing your faith in what happens in Consciousness, you begin to have a deeper and deeper connection with your own Being. You learn how to trust that things are, in fact, being reveled to you, and that confirmation, that you are going deeper into your Consciousness ,aids your continued surrender -- aids your continued surrender into the deepest, absolutely deepest, place in Being.