Divine Relationship is the Catalyst

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Morning Webcast

Participant: Since the intensive in Larkspur, I’ve gained some sense of the value of the presence of my Being, that for the best of my efforts in surrender I had not yet known. It’s shifting everything in my life. Gone is the sense or perception that the disposability of my being is necessary for transformation. Thank you.

David: You could say that my active agency in this divine spiritual relationship that we share allows you to abandon the classical effort-based understanding behind spirituality and make this a living reality. It’s easy to just substitute one point of view for another and just believe in that new point of view. But I believe your comment reveals that you have not just altered your point of view. In fact, it shows that your point of view has been stabilized in a new experience, that consciousness itself, our relationship itself has afforded you a new domain of understanding and experience. And so, the catalyzing agent is this renewed and endlessly renewing connection that we share. This constitutes realization, either realization or the dawning of realization. We won’t put a tag quickly upon whether full realization has happened or some partial because I would like you to forget about that distinction. The reason being, if it’s partial you’re going to know about it. We don’t have to label it beforehand. We don’t have to know anything about how long a spiritual experience lasts or whether there has been a total revolution in consciousness. As far as I’m concerned the full state is in the initial taste. And we will just observe how this beautiful momentum that has been created continues. Watch for the developments that come out of this initial opening into the Self, into the heart, into reality.