The Radiance of Being

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Participant: I have this experience over last few days, every time I feel like I’m going deeper and deeper, there is a resistance that rises and blocks it. It deviates completely. So it just doesn’t allow me to experience.

David: Find out what it is. Don’t talk about it as an it. That’s you, that’s some form of you arising. There is no bad it stopping beautiful you from engaging in this depth. There is no bad anywhere, so look inside and find out what that is. You have to do this. No one can rescue you from that. Or if that seems too formidable, then just relax with me here and we’ll go beyond all depth.

This idea that you have to attain it. That must go. That there is a you who is deepening. That must go. The only way that can go is if you cease to be fascinated with yourself and start becoming fascinated by the Radiance of Being. Then you won’t have a problem. If you can’t find the Radiance of Being just leave yourself alone here and you’ll begin to see it. And then meditation will just happen, the very highest form of meditation. You won’t need any depth.

Just relax… just relax, don’t worry about anything. Don’t have any particular view point on anything right now.