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I rely on the native power within Being, and not any kind of yoga that I’ve mastered, any kind of spiritual approach, any kind of teaching. It’s not because I don’t value approaches or I look down upon them. They’re just not appropriate for what I do. I can’t fit myself into that style because, it’s too small. So I rely on the transmission power of my own life to create the teaching. I depend completely on that. Everything I am, everything I teach comes from a place that’s beyond me. It simply mysteriously shows up through what you might call Grace; which means for no reason at all. That’s how I define Grace, something happening for no reason at all. Grace is not some positive wind flowing from the beyond into relativity. It’s not some positive breath of god. It’s that anything happens at all and so this happens of its own accord. What happens around me, and through me, and beyond me happens through Grace.