An Enlarged Perspective

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Participant: David, what I noticed when I very first met you a number of years ago, is that I saw you as a certain person or a certain being, and then I would go away and I’d come back and you’d be totally different. And then gradually I saw that I was changing too. But the only thing I really had a concept of was that you were a completely different being every time I saw you. So I kept trying to tune into that new being and then I found that I changed. And that’s kind of all I understood about the whole thing but it, it seemed to help things grow.

David: Another way of saying that is that you can’t approach me.

Participant: Right.

David: And that’s what you learned, is that what is functioning up here is not static. Actually you said you saw me and saw me as a certain being but really you didn’t see me at all.

Participant: Right, right.

David: All you saw was what you were looking out of at that moment.

Participant: So my perspective kept changing and enlarging, right? Something like that.