Conversation on the Kundalini Shakti

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Participant: You ready for another question?

David: I'm ready.

Participant: Uh, all right. Ah, some people experience Kundalini and are awakening, and are thrown into infinite Bliss. And other people experience Kundalini awakening and they are thrown into infinite pain.

David: Right.

Participant: And how do you respond to the people who are in deep pain? What can, what can you say? I mean what, what do you offer to them? And what is your own feeling about why, why that happens? Why some people get the Bliss and other people don't? They get the opposite. And I'm sure you've encountered this from people that you’ve dealt with.

David: Most people just get the Bliss around me, believe it or not. I've had....

Participant: Most people get the Bliss?

David: Most people just get the Bliss with a few exceptions here and there.

Participant: Well, that well….

David: With the exception of the kind of baggage they bring in that might need to be scrutinized by the immense power of Consciousness. When you are talking about Kundalini you're talking about the immense power of the Universe. So you cannot casually walk into that and expect to be stable.

Participant: Well, I don't know that they are necessarily casually walking in. Its spontaneous awakening that they didn't necessarily foresee or....

David: That could be a definition of casualness in the sense that not a lot of meditation may have happened before then.

Participant: That’s correct.

David: There was no transition period available with which to acclimate the nervous system with its impact against that immense energy. So theoretically people can go haywire.

Participant: Well, ok.

David: Not just theoretically but actually.

Participant: But, but some people get the Bliss without the preparation of meditation or anything or yoga or anything.

David: Not that they can remember.

Participant: You mean not in this lifetime.

David: Exactly.

Participant: Is that what you are saying?

David: Exactly.

Participant: Are you suggesting then that some people come in with a nervous system, or whatever. A spiritual nature that's more prepared.

David: Yes.

Participant: To receive this.

David: Yes.

Participant: Well that does seem to answer my questions.

David: Yes, it does.

Participant: Apparently it does…

David: It does in a very general and flippant way. But sometimes you can only refer to those sorts of answers to at least begin to deal with this topic, because it’s an infinitely deep topic in itself.

Participant: Oh yes.

David: I don't want to pretend that I can satisfy you with quick and brief answers although we can begin that way.

Participant: Sure, yeah, uh huh. Well it is a question that comes up again and again.

David: When people write to me on the internet. And several have, asking about what to do. I say, “Come to see me if you can. Just get into communion with me, spiritual communion. So that I can open up more avenues for that current to flow in, and at a greater rate, so that we culminate this thing and get it over with.”

Participant: And does that work?

David: You don't want to stay half, you know, if you catch on fire, right. You don't want to just walk for a few blocks before you put it out. You’d rather just either incinerate or put it out quickly. It’s best that they simply bring the process to fulfillment, of course with proper spiritual guidance. Things like eating right foods should be stressed, eating good, wholesome, nutritious, sattvic foods. Staying away from adrenalin-peaking substances like sugar and a lot of caffeine. Also engaging in nutritional supplementation. Taking those sorts of supplements that can ease and comfort the nervous system, bring nutrition to it, a lot of nutrition, a lot of soothing qualities. Even using things like amino acids and regular vitamins and minerals, herbs - all the things that are available. I always tell people, “Avail yourself to what is available and begin searching. Your body will help you find what you need.” You can't just rely on Consciousness to do the whole thing. Because there is a real human body that may have to show up to work the next day. You have to pacify that thing. You have to make it happy on its own level as well. At the same time the most important thing is to come in contact with a fully Self-Realized master.

Participant: But there are few of those available and….

David: That's true. Very few.

Participant: And certainly thirty years ago they were very scarce, in certain parts of the country particularly. I mean that's always the advice that's given but they simply, at one time, were not there.

David: That's correct.

Participant: They were not there.

David: And not many have full realization of the Atman. As well as full activation of the Kundalini-shakti simultaneously. Along with intact devotional love, that is the kind of love that serves and feels each other. That's what I was referring to with this gentleman. That love which is open hearted in nature.

Participant: But many people are just on their own it seems.

David: It’s very sad.

Participant: On their own.

David: It's very sad that that is the case. But it’s always been that way, that you could conceivably engage a very lonely and disparaging process of awakening. It can be very, very awkward. Also you have to look at the samskaras, the spiritual samskaras within that person. How do you look into that? Well they have to simply begin to get to know themselves. And find out why this period of awakening is becoming so difficult. It's going to take a tremendous amount of human effort too, to get by and then to let this thing expand. And also the heart must come into it. The mind must come into it. You don't want to be fully active in Kundalini and be, ah, you know, unable to use your rationality for example. Or just at the whim of pure energy. You would display maddening qualities, things that would frighten people. So all these things come into play, it’s a huge topic, a wonderful topic. And I think it’s in, I think Kundalini-shakti is part of full realization. I don't consider somebody truly realized who does not understand what That is.

Participant: Well I agree. [Laughing]. I agree.

David: So we have a lot of enemies. [Laughter].

Participant: I agree.

David: The men are out there still trying to take control. Trying to make the basis of an existence, that which is truly Real, merely Transcendental. Merely and only That. It’s very safe.

Participant: It’s very safe. Well and also I want to say this and then say no more. But, ah, I think that many teachers prefer just to ignore the topic entirely.

David: Absolutely.

Participant: And if they do allude to it they say, “Well a little something or other might happen sometime. But it will pass very quickly. Don't worry about it.”

David: You know, they've gone, they spent so much time getting this little, little realization. You bring in something that's foreign to them. They don't want to rock the boat. They don't want to go through that again. Because now they're going to have to surrender in terms of energy, the way they surrendered in terms of meditation. Who's up for that? I am. I'm up for it.

Participant: [Laughing]. Well some of us didn't have much choice.

David: There should be no choice ultimately.

Participant: Thank you.