Consciously Recognize Being

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But more like a mobius strip made of flesh, you know, we want to feel good inside that area. Its not enough just to be in the shape of a mobius strip, but we are feelingly involved in existence. We feelingly and consciously want to know what existence is. We're not happy just to exist.

If you have that kind of unexamined approach to life you just get functionality as a reward. You might be able to go around and do a lot of things but you don't have any self-awareness. You don't have self-recognition going on inside you at this deep level which is characteristic of existing itself, of existence itself. So to go beyond mere functionality you have to go into your existence. You have to begin to look and dwell on a very deep level of resolute compassion, resolute awareness, resolute meditation, resolute relationship. It's all those things.

When you talk about this in language it's so complicated. I'm making it much more complicated then it actually is. Never the less, that's part of the challenge of existence. We have to be philosophers. We can't just be practical. We have to learn to get this kind of grip on reality where we're not merely here to “do,” but we want to consciously recognize Being and also be able to talk about it as a topic. You'll see, I'm talking from some other galaxy. I'm not even in this galaxy. I'm talking from another place that's not located in time and space. And that's, again, what I want to invite you into. Yes you've come here with this limited body-mind but [David snaps his fingers] what is your real nature? Are you thoroughly conditioned? Really? Or are you thoroughly universalized, right at the root?