Compassion is an Ocean

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David: Good, very good. It's easy.

Participant: I don't even have to talk.

David: It's easy.

Participant: This is funny, I mean, the value of this is not even placed on talking.

David: So intimate. Are you in this intimacy? So intimate, beautiful, loving, friendly; those are all the qualities of Compassion. That's what we're feeling, all the qualities of compassion; the whole texture of it which is like an ocean itself. In my book, I write that many people think of Consciousness or the Absolute, you could say, as the ocean but I have discovered that Compassion itself is another ocean, just as oceanic as the non-dual Absolute, right, alive with feeling, with radiant feeling, like water shining off the surface of the ocean, like that, that's the Compassion. The ocean itself is Absolute. It's dark down there, gets darker the deeper you go, but right on the surface where the sun hits the water, it's all shimmery, full of light on the surface. That's compassion, that's the ocean of compassion. It's the same ocean.