Both Dual and Non-Dual

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You're already that mobius strip where the inside is on the outside and yet it's all one. Inside and outside, there is a natural continuum going on, all the time. It's not like you become free just when you know the inside. When you know the inside you just know the inside of the mobius strip, but in the next moment, because you're both, because you're both dual and non-dual, you have this whole dream again. You're trust into the realm of maya, of mayic confinement, of suffering.

Even though when you realize truly, you'll know that you will never suffer again. But that's not fair to say that, because then you're taking non-dream based language, inserting it into the dream and trying to make a definitive statement, a truth assertive statement and you can't do that. That's breaking the rules.

But we have to break the rules, but then I'm going to remind you that there are rules about the nature of discourse and narrative which create a problem about saying, "You're free", about stating anything about yourself. So that's why when people talk to me I'll have to sometimes resort to, "I'm not in any state, don't assume that I'm in any state". I'm just as much with you here, on the outer aspect of the mobius strip as I am in that indefinable place where there is only unity. It's both, at the same time.