The Bliss of the Self

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David: Yes

Participant: How can you talk about non-dual and light?

David: [Laughs] Why? It was for someone else, not for you.

Participant: Why is there light?

David: Why is there light?

Participant: Yeah.

David: What light are you referring to?

Participant: I don't know, just light itself.

David: Why? Because deep within there is a burning sun and sometimes it peaks out. There is so much darkness in the world that it doesn't come out much, because there are too many clouds, clouds it over. But here we liberate that, we liberate the clouds hanging over the heart and therefore that light can be unleashed like that; fill the whole cosmos up, the whole room, the whole mind, it's all the same. Whether you call it your mind, the room or the cosmos, it's all the same.

That's the luminous quality. Remember we talked about luminescence in San Francisco a few times? That mind that is pure mind, has a very quiet, secretive, solitudinous side - never shows itself. It's Absolute to the core. It's hard core Absolute, will never be anything else. Always black, untouched. Then, it has also a flip side. It can appear as sun-faced, luminous, luminescent, radiant, light-filled.

Also, it can then add just a little bit of this and a little bit of that and soon it's Bliss. It's Absolute Bliss, which goes beyond a description, even of dark or light luminosity. Bliss is just the fullness that Ramana talked endlessly about. The Bliss of the Self. The Bliss. You’ve got to get used to that word with me.