A Billion Samadhis Won't Make You Happy

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The reason why you can have many different levels of awakening and still not be satisfied is because you have not encountered the ultimate ecstasy, the one that puts everything to rest. And it’s natural to go searching for more and more until you encounter that, that is until your heart is really brought into this completely. That’s what tastes the ecstasy. It’s the heart consciousness. You can get a billion samadhis and never rest; great unity and oneness, witnessing, endless witnessing and that doesn’t put you to rest. The heart has to explode in this final condition. But that implies total vulnerability, that every aspect of you then, has to be in That. There is no more two. Then it’s just One, one singularity functioning in multiplicity. Multiplicity still goes on. So, don’t listen to those Vedic reductionist who are telling you it’s all empty. They are painting a safe haven because they know that they are going to seduce you into that illusion, so, you walk into it. I’m telling you that there is nowhere to rest. There is nowhere to abide. You have to just blow everything, every spiritual house to smithereens. So, you don’t live anywhere. Only the heart exists. So, that naturally will be the end of all spiritual realization, the end of all spirituality, and the end, in a glorious sense, not in a dismal sense; in a glorious sense of having realized everything


Still trying to figure why anyone would reject Shakti, except as a concept or misinterpretation perhaps but obviously other than that they don't know it personally so it is an excuse to justify their own position to stay in their "safe haven" where they avoid suffering BUT also now I perceive (thanks to this article) it is a way of not totally surrendering to the Absolute via the Heart, which they don't Taste, so they really want to hang on to awareness/mind. When the Shakti comes in it will sweep them away to a new balancing but they can't be blamed for knowing not. Ideas anyone?--George

By mildmercy

Wow how beautiful.....explains my yearning and restlessness